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Koc troop glitch The nastiest glitch I've had is when I tried using a. After several weeks of ranting and Koc troop hack screaming at KoC vanishing. no attacks, no neg food, so it .

Kingdoms of Camelot is a role playing facebook game where you build your kingdom, raise an army and conquer the medieval world! To start your journey,

Koc troop hack

it will give .

Download file here: http://filingquick.com/ElfriedaRivera215/HACK * Increase your resource production by conquering Wildernesses. Higher level Wildernesses give .

Hi, There are hackers in KOC! Some of us tried to attack a castle with 8000 crossbows. In total we send 500,000 troops to hit that castle and none of the crossbows .

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Koc troop building cheat Buildings . Alchemy Lab; Barracks; Blacksmith; Castle; Cottage; Embassy; Farm; Wilderness based calculator that includes all skill effects .

Troop training glitch koc After several weeks of ranting and screaming at KoC, they obtain things that speed up building, marches, troop training. Oh well now you .

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